Website Resources

For residents for information and assistance

MA Department of Public Health - For public health information and resources within the state of Massachusetts

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - For public health information within the United States and world wide - The website provides information on emergency preparedness in three areas: Get a Kit, Make a Plan and Be Informed

  1. Get a Kit: This section provides information in the following areas:
    • Water, food, clean air
    • First Aid Kit contents
    • Older Americans
    • People with disabilities and other special needs
    • Pet Items
  2. Make a Plan: This section provides information on making a plan in the following areas:
    • Deciding to stay or go
    • School and workplace
    • Neighborhoods and Apartments
    • In High‐Rise Buildings
    • In a moving vehicle
  3. Be Informed: This section provides information on becoming informed in the following areas: o Natural and man‐made threats

CDC Pandemic Influenza - Information on seasonal, avian and pandemic influenza preparedness