Letters from HUD to the Housing Authority regarding a number of concerns

Letters, and attachments, from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to the Groveland Housing Authority regarding concerns HUD has relative to “a number of issues that relate to the management of the federal public housing program in Groveland”.  The Chair of the Board of Selectmen was copied on a packet of this information on October 9, 2018. 

01.13.17 Take Action Letter

05.04.17 Site Visit

11.20.17 Board Correspondence

12.15.17 Board Correspondence

05.25.18 Capital Update Letter

06.08.18 Capital Extension Approval

06.28.18 NEPA Violation Letter

07.13.18 DHCD to Groveland

10.02.18 Letter to BOS Chair O'Neil regarding traning requirements

10.08.18 Board Correspondence

10.16.18 Letter from Housing Authority Chair Prunier to HUD