Planning Board

Mission Statement

The Planning Board regulates land development according to the provisions of the Massachusetts General Law, the Town of Groveland Zoning Bylaw, and the Rules and Regulations governing the subdivision of land and laying out of ways. The Planning Board is responsible for land planning, the subdivision of land and recommendations for changes to the Zoning Bylaw and the Zoning Map. The Board reviews both commercial and residential site plans. The Board grants special permits for certain land uses including Aquifer Protection District, Conservation Subdivision Design (CSD), Planned Unit Development (PUD) and permits for Stormwater Management and Land Disturbance.

Board Members

Name Title
Jim Bogiages Member (May 2021)
Walter Sorenson Vice-Chair (May 2023)
Robert Danforth Member (May 2023)
Brad Ligols Chair (May 2021)
John Stokes, III Member (May 2021)
Associate Member Vacancy