2018 Preliminary Street Paving List

April 25, 2018


The following is a preliminary list of Groveland Streets to be paved this year.


Main Street                   - Mill and overlay from Gardner Street to the Haverhill line.


Washington Street       - Mill and overlay from Main St. south 200 ft.


Gardner Street             - Overlay from Main St. to School St.


Gardner Street            - Mill and overlay from Elm Park RT 97 to King Street.


RT 97 & Elm Park     - Mill and overlay from Gardner Street to 200 Ft. before Bates Bridge.

Elm Park Extension     - Overlay from Gardner St. to the end.


Uptake Road              - Overlay from Washington Street to 200 FT. short of Berrywood.


Salem Street              - Mill and overlay from Pineau to Nelson Street.