COVID-19 Statement #3





March 20, 2020

The Board of Selectmen held an emergency meeting on Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 3pm to discuss the Town’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. At that meeting the board implemented some new protocols that will go into effect until further notice.

Beginning on Monday, March 23rd the Board of Selectmen will hold a COVID-19 meeting every Monday at 4:30pm to continue to review the way the town is handling and responding to this world-wide pandemic. Going forward each Tuesday, I will be putting out a statement and sending out a town-wide call with any updates or new information. While we are cautious to not overwhelm residents, we feel regular communications will be helpful to keep folks up-to-date with the Town’s response to this virus. The health and safety of our residents and employees is our top priority.

Please keep in mind that all recreational areas in town are closed because we need to do something to stop groups from congregating. While we encourage residents to get outside and get some fresh air, we cannot continue to have groups of people at the playgrounds, playing basketball or soccer, or hanging out at the dog park together.  These steps being taken are to keep all residents safe.

During these unsettled times, we ask folks to please check in on your elderly neighbors. If they need groceries or rides to medical appointments, please call the Council On Aging at (978) 372-1101.  We can also deliver non-perishable food items from our pantry and staff will make well-being phone checks to anyone in need.  Help is always available and is just a phone call away.

As a reminder, all town offices are closed to the public and the police station lobby is open for emergencies only. Please visit our website for additional information on our online services.

Thank you, please stay well, safe, and healthy.

Denise M. Dembkoski

Finance Director